Both a new author and a writer who has chosen to self-publish his book, share a common need. They both need someone to help them generate publicity for their new publication. This is where a publicist comes in.

The basic function of the publicist is to generate press coverage for his clients. For an author-client, publicity entails running ads, setting up a book tour, and creating press releases for distribution.

All of these approaches work with all popular media forms, including television, radio and online, as well as with events. A smart publicist will use a creative combination of these different media to promote his client. Depending on the client, his present status, and the scope of his current project, a publicist might have an opportunity to book a variety of nationally syndicated talk shows, as well as late night television appearances for his client. Full-page ads could be placed in all major publications, and press releases could instantly be picked up by every major paper.

In contrast, is the marketing of a new author who has just finished his first book. Even unknown authors can benefit from the right kind of publicity. For example, using a “local” angle, a publicist might set up an interview of the new author on a local show, as well as a guest appearance on a popular, local YouTube channel. The publicist might also approach a local talk radio show and have a press release picked up for coverage by a few of the hometown newspapers and magazines.

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