Reputation Management

The problem…

When you input your name or the name of your company into a search engine, you see one or more web sites that speak negatively about you. What is even more frustrating is that it feels like there is nothing you can do about it. It may be true that you cannot do anything about it, but we can.

It’s important that we keep the following facts in mind regarding this issue,

The problem will not go away on it’s own.

Stressing out is not worth it! There are millions of good people dealing with this problem.

Some content can be removed but most cannot (Section 203 of Communications Decency Act).

Statistics show that 94% of people stay on the front page of Google when searching. 99% stay on the first two pages of search results! So, if your unwanted sites are pushed off of the first two pages than we can assume that 99 out of 100 people will never see it.

In short, this is what we do.

* Research the problem.
* Develop a plan.
* Generate more positive publicity about you or your company on the net.
* Build the “authority” of that publicity and convince the search engines that the positive sites are more valid than the negative sites.
* Continually monitor the situation to make sure the positive publicity remains front and center, and any negative sites are outside of the top 20 search engine results.

The entire process is similar to a game of chess.

Search engines use complex algorithms to decide how web sites are ranked. We have to stay on top of those constantly-changing algorithms in order to beat the false or negative sites with the truthful or positive sites about you or your company. This is referred to as internet / online reputation management.

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