Web Content Writing

Search marketing is dependent on the written word. The saying “content is the king” is still true. Here is the number one reason: Text is one of the most effective way of getting a high ranking, get the visitor to stay on the site long enough for you to convince them to buy from you. Good reason, isn’t it?

When we begin the web content writing, we always start with key phrase research. That involves finding out how many people globally and locally searching for your kind of business. Once we have those statistics, we can start weaving the lucrative key phrases into the text content that will appease search engines and the site visitors. We can not ignore one or the other. If the content appeals only to the search engine robots, but the human visitor finds it irrelevant, then the content has failed it’s main goal – sale or lead generation. On the other hand, if the content is not considered good by search engine robots, it will not be indexed and lose the chance to be read by any human visitor, no matter how relevant the content is for people searching for it.

This balance is kept in mind whenever we handle content writing.

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