SEO and the Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra has a special place in my life as an SEO Strategist. As a child, I was painfully shy and quiet girl. Growing up in Saudi Arabia in a home where both parents seldom verbally communicated¬† with each other or my sister and I, I rarely got a chance to talk. As expatriates in Saudi Arabia, we didn’t have an active social life. Once in a while mother would arrange religious gatherings.

This imbalance of the life I lived and life I saw on TV continued until I was in my early teens and realized that not all families have quiet parents. There were children who talked a lot, because they had parents who talked a lot to them.

Around that time, I felt the need to write. Now looking back, I see that wish as a desire to connect with the ‘outer world’, the world I saw on TV which didn’t align with the life in Saudi Arabia or my home. The TV programs I got to watch with my sister were mostly American as our home was close the American company, ARAMCO in Al-Khobar.

I discovered the ability to write poems. I sent it to a local radio station in Riyadh. They loved what I wrote. I sent it the local English newspaper. They published it. I finally felt connected to the outer world.

This journey of writing flourished to a point I wrote stories for children, articles for women’s magazine, took pictures of unusual recipes I had concocted. I got paid for them! I was ecstatic. I had my own money that I could spend the way I wanted to. All from connecting with the outer world through writing.This experience was very gratifying.

I decided to pursue a 4-year course in professional writing through correspondence in Australia. That boosted my confidence that my writing can be appreciated world wide.

Around 1998, a company in UK hired me on telecommuting basis to help with online marketing leading the path to learning about SEO. That opened up an exciting new world of business, Internet, sales, B2B connections.

I have come to realize that optimizing for search engines is about connecting with your prospects through their  Linguistic Preference (LiP) for a need they wish to fulfill. That alignment of need and fulfillment you can provide requires desire to communicate in a clear and concise way which in terms of Chakras, would fall under the fifth primary Chakra.

Business owners, who have their Throat Chakras functioning at optimum level, are good listeners and communicators.Those who don’t tend to shy way from writing, public speaking and sharing their thoughts.

So thinking back to that painfully-shy-and-quiet-girl stage, I feel SEO has endowed me with the a sense of empowerment and an obligation to share this. That’s why I love helping business owners with their online communication challenges: choosing keywords and writing web content.

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